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Can I invest in companies offered through ISM for free? Yes. There is no charge for becoming an Investment Account Member of ISM Member Services. However, when you buy and/or sell stock through ISM, the stock transfer agent will charge you a small transaction fee.

Can I upgrade my Investment Account membership to an An Enhanced Account Membership?

Yes. With the Enhanced Membership you can pay $500 or make a down payment of $99 with $20 a month for two years.
Am I buying stock with the membership fee?  No.  This is for the membership benefits.  In addition to other benefits, ISM Membership provides you access to purchase stock.

Can I rollover my IRA to a self directed IRA and invest in companies posted on ISM?

Yes.  Your financial advisor will be able to assist you in making this transfer if you bought an Enhanced Membership.
What if I live in a non-qualified State like California or New York – can I still buy stock?

No.  You cannot purchase stock unless you control a business entity (LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, S-Corp, or C-Corp) in a qualifying state or live in a qualifying state.   

How do I find out about the $39 Financial Education online seminar?

ISM Member Services will email you at least two weeks prior to the Webinar, announcing the date, time, subject, and guest speakers.  It is free to Enhanced Members.  Investment members can opt in and pay the $39 fee at their own discretion. 
When will I be able to invest? The Independent Stock Market is projected to launch during the second quarter of 2013.  
What is the minimum investment?  This depends on whether the company with which you are affiliated is a Phase I or a Phase II company. If it is a Phase I company, the minimum investment could be $5,000 or more.  
Can I buy my stock on ISM and then sell it on the public market? No. All stock purchased on ISM's marketplace must be sold on it as well.  
How do I sign up to become a member of ISM Member Services? Follow this link and fill out the form. If you are choosing Silver or Gold you also need to submit the membership fee found on the left side of the form.