Other than acquisitions, loans, or selling part of the company, private entities have been relegated to raising money through private placements which limit who can invest while disallowing advertising for capital. The Independent Stock Market provides access to capital through the secondary market, removing the private placement requirements. With ISM, you may also avoid much of the significant expense, reporting, and time requirements of public offerings. 

Many business owners are concerned about what financial disclosures are required to participate in the secondary markets. 

Rest Easy.

Regarding Customers:  Your company is not required to indicate specific customers or customer information.
Regarding Financials:  Your company does provide an over all presentation of profits or losses, but does not need to disclose specifics regarding key staff earnings, or the profit from specific customers or products.

ISM provides the capital and liquidity that business owners need.

We offer a marketplace where stock is advertised for sale and where both accredited and non-accredited investors can participate.

We cost a tenth of what an IPO costs, and business owners have the ability to retain control over the direction and daily operations of their businesses.

Now business owners can recruit, retain, and reward quality employees, purchase competitors, expand their business, and even pay off debt.

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several disadvantages
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