SEC Security Licenses

Business Executives are not involved in the exchange of securities and will not receive any commission or compensation on the exchange of securities.

Business Executives are only compensated for their consulting services.

Business Executives invite business owners to meet with the Independent Stock Market to discuss the qualifications and benefits of posting on the ISM marketplace. Business Executives are compensated as ISM receives the ISM Posting and Performance Fees. Business Executives are not compensated for any trades or investments made with the Independent Stock Market.

Business Executives must conduct themselves as professional representatives of the Independent Stock Market at all times. They must also attend the required training. For more information about the live, mandatory training, click here.

Code of Conduct

  • Professional attire
  • Professional language
  • Respectful attitude
  • Familiarity with ISM, ISM MS
  • Required materials on-hand

Sell to a Substantial Market!

There are a significant number of companies in the United States, over two million to be precise, that could qualify to post with the Independent Stock Market. A Business Executive's job is to build relationships with owners of businesses that could potentially qualify to post. When you consider the high number of online investors and the relatively low number of companies those investors have to choose from, you can see that ISM is positioned to market previously unavailable stock to online investors.

Affinity Groups

Business Executives are not allowed to discuss thier relationship with or lack of relationship with affinity groups.

Business Executives are also not allowed to elevate or discredit an individual because of their relationship with or lack of relationship with affinity groups.