What is the
Independent Stock Market?

ISM is a new marketplace, separate from the traditional markets in several ways.
We have our own trading board. It does not allow for options.
We have our own team of professionals to assist business owners obtain the liquidity they seek to pay off investors, purchase inventory, acquire a competitor, and offer stock incentives to employees - among other things.
We charge a 10-20% of what the traditional markets charge for liquidity.
Unlike the traditional markets, we allow companies the option to Post Regionally or Nationally.
Business owners of private companies previously pondering the possibility of PPMs, have a far better option in ISM to acquire the money they need including the ability to advertise, utilize both accredited and non-accredited investors, and have the whole process orchestrated by professionals.

How does ISM give business owners increased access to capital? Valuators use the Lack of Marketability Discount when valuating privately held companies because of the difficulty investors are likely to have in marketing their illiquid stock. Over the last 40 years, the average discount has been 30%. With ISM, the discount is removed or lessened because of the ability shareholders have of offering their stock on our marketplace.
 What are the initial qualifications for posting with ISM? Companies wanting to post with the Independent Stock Market must have been in business for at least one year, have a market value of at least $1 Million, be generating revenue of at least $100,000 annually and have a substantial fan base. For additional qualifications, contact ISM @ 801-951-0420
 Which states do not currently qualify for Regional Posting with ISM? Non-qualifying states include California, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, New York, Virginia, Montana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. All states qualify for National Posting.
 What are the guidelines for Regional Posting companies? Regional Posting companies must stay under 500 accredited and 1500 non-accredited shareholders. One of the benefits of Regional Posting is that those companies are exempt from federal and state filing (state 'Blue Sky' laws apply). Quarterly compiled statements and audits are required.
 What avenues of creating liquidity are used by ISM? ISM first takes advantage of the posting business' warm leads. We also allow the warm leads from other posted businesses to purchase stock in each other's companies. The general public can participate by becoming a member of ISM. The marketing of these investors will come through the creation of institutional funds and by online advertising to the over 36 million investors currently participating in the traditional markets. 
 How much does it cost to post with ISM? There are three fees associated with posting a business with the Independent Stock Market.
1. Posting Fee: $75K for Regional Posting or $100K for National Posting.
2. Liquidity Performance Fee: Between .5 - 7.5% of the market value of the business depending upon its size.
The LPF for a $10M company is 3% for a Regional Posting, for example.
3. Annual Renewal Fee: $17K for Regional or $35K for National. 
Posting Companies are responsible to pay for their own audits and third-party valuations.