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Family of Employees
Other Affiliated Entities
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Accredited Investors
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Private businesses have tried to raise capital through: 
     Family and Friends
     Banks and PPMs
     Angel Investors
     Venture Capital Partners

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Do you have a business idea?
Do you need a jumpstart?
Do you need capital?
Are you a business owner who wants the benefits of liquidity?

HR 3606
JOBS ACT of 2012

People happy about crowd funding
 There are many people in this country who are learning the
 benefits associated with Crowd Funding - both for investors
 and for the companies receiving the investments. 

 The changes taking place in Washington DC are amending
 laws that were put into place back in 1934. One such change
 is the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.

 With the current popularity and vast information available on
 the internet, it was just a matter of time before non-accredited
 and accredited investors could get together to move
 businesses from where they are to where they could be with
 capital and/or liquidity. 

 Contact the Independent Stock Market if you are a business
 that needs capital or if you are an investor that would like to
 invest in companies that are either just getting started or that
 just need a little help to make it big!