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An Innovative Strategy for Raising Capital

     Other than acquisitions, loans, or selling a significant part of the company, private entities have been relegated to raising money through private placements which limit who can invest while disallowing advertising for capital.

ISM provides access to capital through the secondary market, removing the private placement requirements. With ISM, you may also avoid the significant expense, reporting, and time requirements of public offerings. 

Getting Started:

     If your company has been in business more than two years, is worth more than $2.5 million, boasts of a substantial fan base and you would like to have access to the benefits that come with liquid stock, please contact ISM for a free initial evaluation and take advantage of our unique Orchestrated Liquidity™ process that can turn your private stock into cash within the next 90 days.




When you team up with the Indpendent Stock Market, your company is engaged with a powerful consulting team inclusive of top-tier, experienced business professionals including securities and contract attorneys, CPAs, and business deveopment partners. ISM will help you every step of the way to obtain the capital you need - no matter your starting point.

The Independent Stock Market offers the following benefits: 

Access to Capital

     The Independent Stock Market (ISM) offers owners of private companies the ability to sell their stock to obtain capital. When trading stock through ISM, there is an expanded marketplace because:

  a) Authorized stock can be advertised and offered to a broader market that includes accredited and non-accredited investors.
  b) Participating stock is make available to clients of financial advisors through ISM's investment fund.
  c) Stocks posted with ISM  are marketed and made available to online investors.

Stock Liquidity 

     Stock liquidity provides many competitive advantages including:

  a) Profitable exit strategies for founders and investors.
  b) The ability to attract, reward, and retain key employees with stock incentives.
  c) The acquisition of competitive and complementary businesses.
  d) Expansion capital.
ISM's proprietary Phased-In Process™ increases stock liquidity. Qualified private companies are assisted in promoting stock to warm markets through their accredited and non-accredited contacts. In addition, extensive strategies have been implemented to attract investors who are attached to over 35 million online trading accounts.

An Increase in Your Company's Market Value

     When determining the value of your business, auditors and accredited valuators discount the value of your business based on a proven and accepted accounting principle - simply because your stock is not publicly traded. History has shown that by creating liquidity, a $10 million dollar company has the potential to be valued at around $12 million. Every ISM posted company has this increased market value advantage.