What do we mean when we say Stop Trading - Start Investing? 

ISM's philosophy is centered on introducing qualified businesses for investors purchase a share of ownership.  It seems many have lost that vision and are buying and selling stocks in hopes to make a spread from the purchase and the sale and are not actually investing in the company because they love the company. With ISM you should not expect to try to outsmart another "trader" by a put or a call or short sale - since there are no options on our marketplace. 

ISM is a simple buy/sell model.  You need to own the stock before you can sell it.  ISM members look to earn money on their stock purchase as the business grows and profits. Warren Buffet does not play the options.  He invests in companies because he likes the products or services, and the management as well as the business model and potential.  This model certainly has worked for him. It is time for every American who has money to invest, to start investing in Main Street businesses and stop trading Wall Street stocks.  The ISM posted companies are a great place to start.

The Independent Stock Market will soon open its doors to the public!

Choose From Three Membership Options


In order to offer stock, or negotiate to purchase stock through Independent Stock Market, an individual shareholder must qualify to become a member of ISM Member Services Company.

This qualifying process introduces a financial advisor to determine if the potential investor in the company can afford the purchase and the potential risk. This process will ensure that people are prudent in their investments. We want to avoid the gambling aspect some investors deploy, the all-or-nothing syndrome. What we don‟t want to happen is for members to invest their grocery or emergency money.

In order to increase our potential trading volume, while better educating our members, we have created the membership marketing entity, ISM Member Services Company, that offers sound financial advice and training for its members. Training includes entrance to regional expos and seminars, estate planning assistance, online economic education videos, newsletters, a financial review from a financial advisor, quarterly magazines and more.

Independent Stock Market will offer access to posted shares for sale to all members of the membership marketing service entity, ISM Member Services Company. It will also offer the ability to trade stocks that are exclusively available. For Phase I members who purchase stock and are planning on moving to a non-qualified state, they must sell their stock.

Benefits of Receiving a Financial Review from ISM:

  • Find out where you stand financially
• Discuss ways you can save and plan for retirement
• Explore alternative investments
• Learn how insurance options can benefit you and your family
• Prepare a much needed financial plan for emergencies