Some business owners may feel that they don't qualify to post with ISM because most of their value is currently tied to R&D or intellectual property. 

Rest Easy.

Valuators associated with ISM take historical financials and future projections into account.  You do need to demonstrate a revenue stream.  If you would like a free, initial valuation of your company (a $1,000 value), contact us today to complete an initial qualification application. 


Businesses that post with ISM receive a complete valuation 
(60-80 pages) from a 
certified valuator. 

To find out more information,
contact ISM.

You can click here to see a 
basic valuation.

ISM uses third party Certified Valuators to determine the worth of businesses wanting to post on its online marketplace.


Business Owners:

To calculate quickly a value of your business, first you need to know what your Total Earnings were for last year (if you're starting with your net profit, add back in interest, taxes, and amortization expenses).
Then times that amount by the industry standard value.

For example, if you owned a retail furniture store, and you earned $1,000,000 last year (EBITDA), depending on debt and other factors (some of which are listed below), your business should be worth between $4,500,000 and $7,500,000.

Of course, if you post with ISM, your Lack of Marketability Discount would be removed and that same privately held company would be worth $6,400,000 - $10,000,000.

Here are a few industry standard multiples:










Manufacturing   5.5   8.5
  High Tech   6   12
  Health Care    5   9
  PR/Advertising   3   6.5
  Restaurants   4   8
  Retail   4.5   7.5



The chart below highlights the categories that certified valuators use including specific weights and measures to determine the business value.