Although some highly sought after areas have been purchased, many are still available.

Scott Stephenson

Area Owner Director


Before an Area Owner can be certified, he or she must complete a number of various training modules.
These modules provide the tools that Area Owners need to feel comfortable in discussing the Independent Stock Market with qualifying business owners in their areas who are looking for capital.

ISM Area Owners are responsible for training and following-up with the activities of Senior Executives who reside in their area. In addition, they are to meet with, present to and build relationships with qualifying private business owners in their area.

Some Area Ownerships are selling for as little as $50,000 and others for $250,000 depending on the amount of businesses residing in each area. The Annual Area Ownership Renewal Fee is 10% of the Area Ownership Fee and includes additional training from ISM corporate officers and trainers.

In order to continue in the development of individual Area Owners and their various ISM team members, periodic training seminars will be organized and conducted.

Besides receiving compensation for personally bringing in Senior Executives and business owners who post with ISM, Area Owners also receive significant compensation when team members from their areas are successful in bringing in businesses that post with the Independent Stock Market.

Area Owners are required to post four companies on the ISM marketplace annually.